Our Counter-Proposition

At Counter, we are flipping the script. Instead of transient advisors, we offer you a dedicated team
that has chosen to work with you. Our Counter-Consultants aren’t just hired hands; they are invested partners culturally aligned with
your organisation’s values and vision.

We assemble and land teams of highly skilled UK based technical problem solvers into your organisations honed to help you solve your unique technical challenges. Teams are made up of Associate Consultants led by a Tech Lead who all collectively choose to work with you. At the end of engagements you have the choice to take on any of the Associate Consultants as your employees without further costs.

What We Do

Our team are specially trained in the key areas of technology, always ensuring you have the right team for your specific project and organisation’s needs.

  • Software Engineering

  • Data

  • Mobile

  • Cloud

  • Artificial

  • Low Code Development

Our Difference

Our counter-approach is built to benefit your organisation, our people and the solutions we create together.

  • A team that has chosen
    to work with you

    The team that joins you is deeply invested in your business and its challenges. Viewing themselves as more than just consultants; they’re potential members of your team. Our people understand your company culture, are driven to solve your problems, and actively choose to collaborate with you.

  • An incremental approach that
    promotes sustainable improvements

    Incrementalism forms the backbone of our approach because we believe that making small, gradual improvements and fostering continuous learning and development within your organisation is the most efficient way to bring about effective change.

  • We are builders of long-term value

    Our UK-based team is carefully selected, trained, and skilled in solving modern business challenges. With a wealth of backgrounds and experiences, our diverse tech problem solvers excel at adapting and thinking fast to deliver timely, effective solutions and business results.

  • Your choice to retain the people
    and knowledge
    for the future

    At the end of the project, you can choose to keep some or all of the team to retain that accumulated knowledge and value. There’s no obligation! But we are confident you will want to.

Ian WhitfordChief Technical Officer at R² Factory,
“We wanted to build a capable software team quickly and have them grow with the business. With the demands on our senior people, we couldn’t realistically get that done in-house as recruitment in a competitive market is incredibly time-and resource-intensive. Counter handled all that for us, and the technical mentorship they’re providing to the junior developers has made a huge difference to their trajectory. We were impressed with Counter’s speed and responsiveness”

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