Rethinking Tech Consultancy Part 2: Expense vs. Value

A Series: The Conventional vs. the Potential

In this series of blogs, we’ll dive into the limitations and opportunities within the consultancy sector. Picture a world where consultants don’t just fill roles but are actively engaged and empowered. We’ll explore how evolving past the traditional models can bring not only better and immediate solutions but also long-term value and innovation to businesses.

Part 2: Expense vs Value

Big-name consultancies come with hefty price tags, often leading to budget constraints that limit your ability to achieve what you want. While consultancies bring a valuable outside-in, unbiased perspective and expertise, there are often hidden costs that can be crippling in the long term. Maybe your business has experienced consultancies that ‘Land and Expand’ – initially securing a contract or project, usually for a specific scope or service, but once a foothold has been made, the consultancy then seeks to broaden influence within the organisation by offering additional services, growing their presence, deepening their engagement and – of course – profit over time. 

Alternatively, some businesses choose lower-cost options by working with offshore or nearshore partners. While this can save money, it can mean dealing with time zone differences that make real-time collaboration tricky. Communication might suffer, and cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings or wasted time. Plus, not being able to gather everyone in a room for important meetings, or to hash things out in-person can really slow down progress. These challenges can limit the effectiveness and innovation that a well-aligned, UK-based team can offer. Choosing cost savings over close collaboration and cultural fit might seem like a good idea at first and may feel like an easier sell to a CFO, but it can end up costing more in the long run.

We see a better way that offers a low-risk, high reward approach, giving businesses an accessible route to relentless tech problem solvers mentored and supported by a knowledgeable and experienced tech lead. As UK-based engineers, they are ready to workshop in-person when required. Working with businesses to understand the precise business outcome that must be achieved, and implementing a team of affordable but highly capable junior technologists supported by the aforementioned tech lead, means accessing brilliant tech talent that delivers, at nearshore prices. Plus, no time is taken away from your seniors, allowing them to concentrate on what’s important. 

A smarter path to tech success

Rethinking tech consultancy means moving away from costly, profit-driven models and unreliable offshore options. Instead, we suggest a smarter approach that focuses on client success and collaboration. By working with UK-based engineers who can work closely with your teams, we ensure smooth communication, cultural fit, and effective teamwork. Our model provides affordable, high-quality talent supported by experienced tech leads, delivering great results without overburdening your senior staff. This way, we not only meet your immediate business needs but also build long-term value and growth. Tech consultancy can be better, and we’re here to show you how. 

If you’d like to learn more, please get in touch with our team today. 

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