Rethinking Tech Consultancy: Could we be Doing it Better?

In the world of Tech Consultancies, the old way of doing things is starting to falter. These days, businesses – especially those with visionary CTOs – are on the lookout for fresh strategies. They need solutions that don’t just solve today’s problems, but also pave the way for future growth and resilience.

While traditional tech consultancies have a lot to offer in terms of insights and expertise, they’re not without their downsides. High costs, teams that lack local, diverse people, and communication hurdles that make you wonder if there are better ways to do things. 

This mix of challenges open up a chance for some innovative thinking. Imagine reshaping the tech consultancy model to focus more on collaboration and diversity, making choices that benefit everyone involved – from CTOs and their companies to the consultants themselves.

A Series: The Conventional vs. the Potential

In this series of blogs, we’ll dive into the limitations and opportunities within the consultancy sector. Picture a world where consultants don’t just fill roles but are actively engaged and empowered. We’ll explore how evolving past the traditional models can bring not only immediate solutions but also long-term value and innovation to businesses.

Let’s compare conventional vs. potential, from the battle between profit-centric approaches and client-centric success to the relationship between being assigned a tech role and choosing a tech role. Let’s consider what countering the traditions of tech consultancy could mean for the future of business and people.

Part 1: Chosen vs Choice

In a traditional consultancy setup, consultants are often assigned to projects based on availability, without much consideration for their personal or professional interests, or the cultural fit between them and the client. This can lead to a disconnect between the consultant and the project, reducing engagement, performance and potentially missed opportunities.

For example, take a consultant passionate about developing cutting-edge AI solutions, being assigned to a project focused on legacy system maintenance. Despite their expertise or commitment to their role, they may naturally struggle to find motivation and fully invest themselves in the project, potentially affecting the outcome for the client and minimising job satisfaction.

We want tech problem solvers to be given the opportunity to solve the problems they’re passionate about. We believe in a model where consultants have the autonomy to choose the projects and clients they work with – all parties stand to benefit. 

Enjoying work brings fresh perspectives, better ideas, and more commitment. A positive alignment between culture and values helps collaboration become seamless, leading to better communication, increased productivity, and ultimately, better business outcomes.

Win-win model

Within our Counter model, tech consultants aren’t just hired guns; they’re purpose-driven, empowered problem solvers that excelled in an intense 13 week bootcamp, chose consulting and most importantly, chose the organisations they want to work with. Culturally aligned and invested in doing things right, they come in motivated and invested ready to show you what good really looks like.   

Curious about how we can enhance your team? Reach out to us at Counter today.

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